Policies Implemented on 04/08/2021. Orders made before this date are subject to our old terms and conditions.

Delivery Policy 

For all domestic deliveries we will complete within 3 working days unless the item is a sourced special.

International deliveries will be completed within 7 working days unless he item is a sourced special.


Returns Policy

We encourage you to inspect our products’ security seals immediately upon receipt. If any of these are not in tact we will issue a replacement the same day that we are notified. The time limit for notification is 14 days from the date of the delivery.

If the product is found to be mechanically defective we will issue a replacement product within 3 working days of receiving the return. There is no time limit on this type of return however you must notify us within 1 day of discovering the mechanical fault. Please note that mechanical faults relate only to incidents occurring prior to placement inside the body.

In both cases we will cover the cost of return.

Should you wish to return a product for any reason other than the above you will have 30 days from the date of delivery to do so. You will be required to cover the cost of return shipping and we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 10% of the product value.

If upon inspection we discover broken security seals on the product we will reject the return and refund request.

Any refunds to be made will be processed within the timeframe afforded to us under the consumer goods act of 2015 and will only be refunded by the original payment method.


Request For Certification

We reserve the right to ask any client for copies of their certification relating to the specific product that they are purchasing. We only accept certificates from Saveface accredited training providers or verifiable Doctor-led training clinics. If these cannot be provided upon request then we reserve the right to cancel any pending orders and charge a fee equal to the charges we have incurred for merchant fees and “floating” stock.



We do not offer a collection service from any of our locations.



We are required by law to charge VAT on sales to the UK and EU. We will provide you with a full VAT invoice following your purchase. Please consider whom you may be buying from if they do not charge VAT given that the minimum threshold for registration is £85,000 of sales in a 12 month period.


Following the recent court proceedings in relation to the ownership of the Revolax brand rights in the UK we are able to sell Revolax again. Fox Pharma remain the preferred distributor of the manufacturer but cannot prohibit the sale of correctly marked Revolax within the UK.

Product Safety

Where possible we source our products directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately this is not possible for some Korean products as their business policies require an in-country distributor.

We only stock and source products that have a valid CE or UKCA certificate. We manually check all products with their respective notified bodies prior to purchasing.