Our Policy on Who Can Buy From Us

As Of May 2021 We Have Taken the Decision to Only Accept Orders From Qualified Medics and Non-Medics With SaveFace Accreditation. 

Medics Must Possess Both A Verified PIN (GMC, GDC or NMC) or Be On the Registry of EMT's. If You hold an NMC PIN or Are a Dental Nurse, You Will Also Require Specific Certification in the Product Category You Are Looking to Purchase From (Fillers, Anti-wrinkle, Lipolytics and Vitamins). 

If You Are a Non-Medic But Hold SaveFace Accreditation We Will Approve Your Registration Request Once We Have Verified the Information. 

Our Rationale 

Put Quite Simply, the Aesthetics Industry Has, Over the past 12 Months Become the "Wild West", Both in Respect of the Attitudes of Practitioners and Also the Business Behaviours of New Resellers With Lax Attitudes on Patient Safety and VAT. Until Regulation is Introduced to Make the Industry More Professional, We Will Only be Selling to Professionals. The Only Way; Rightly or Wrongly That We Can Verify "Professional" Training is Via the Medic Assessment Route Along with SaveFace.