Please find below answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. 

Q: Can anybody buy your products? ANSWER- Yes, anybody can purchase any of our products as they are not classed as medical devices, with the exception of needles (for which we will ask for either your certification or your clinic ID). We don't give any advice on how to use the products. 

Q: How do you handle VAT? ANSWER- Most of our products are VAT exempt providing you have a valid VAT ID in Europe or a Prescription. To reclaim your VAT simply email us on info@aesthetics-supplies.co.uk after you have ordered, quoting your VAT number, we will then refund directly.

Q: Do you ship Internationally? ANSWER- Yes, we can and do ship to any country in the world.  

Q: Are your products originals? ANSWER- Yes, all of our products are purchased directly from manufacturers or authorised distributors. All come with batch numbers that can be verified. 

Q: Can I return my products? ANSWER- We have specific requirements around returns, please refer to our returns policy.

Q: Do you offer trade accounts? ANSWER- Yes we do offer trade accounts to larger buyers. 

Q: What if you don't stock something that I need? ANSWER- Get in touch with us and we will try and source it for you. 

Q: Do you provide a VAT invoice? ANSWER- Yes we can provide a VAT invoice, although for EU sales (until 31/12/2020) there is no VAT, likewise if you use prescriptions you will not be provided with a VAT invoice.

Q: Do you hold any endorsements/accreditations? ANSWER- Yes, we hold the following endorsements ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and all of our products are CE approved and FSDA where required. We also hold EC Certificate of Production Quality Assurance in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC 

Q: Why have I had a different product delivered? ANSWER- When there are stock issues we will send a replacement product that is of an equal or higher quality and price. This forms part of the terms of sale and can be found in terms and conditions.  

Q: Why do I only have a part order? ANSWER- On occasion we and our partners may not have the stock to fulfil your entire order. When this occurs we will supply you with the stock that we do have and/or an equivalent product if available. Our terms and conditions state that we have up to 30 days to complete the full order before a refund.