JBP NanoFille HA Sub-Q Lidocaine 1.1ml

JBP NanoFille Ha Lidocaine Range is manufactured by Across and is identical to both Revolax and Dermalax, even appearing as a named alternative on their CE certificate. 

It was specifically made for the JBP company of Japan and as such has retained its CE certificate for distribution in the UK and Europe (unlike Revolax and Dermalax). 


JBP Nanofille Ha Sub-Q is 24mg/ml Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid with 0.3% Lidocaine.


2x 25G JBP Needles 


Used for treating Nasolabial Lines, Laugh Lines, Cheek/Chin/Forehead Augmentation, Nose Augmentation and Breast Augmentation. 


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JBP NanoFille HA Sub-Q Lidocaine 1.1ml