Vitamin C Injection Ampules 10 x 5ml
Ingredient: Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C ) 500mg Each Ampoule.
I'm sure many ladies out there looking for Vitamin C for gain white radiant skin, at the same time they want look shine. To obtain uneven skin tone is not something easy, but there must be a solution, its VITAMIN C AMPOULES.
This genuine V-C can be applied directly to your skin. For those not intended to inject you can apply on your face. By applying V- C its result equal bright, whiter skin tone. Its suitable for all kind of skins.
V-C tips
-Mix V-C with your body lotion and apply it to your whole body.
-Can be mixed with facial cream, moisturizer and foundations.
-V-C can also helps removed pimples and clean your face from dirt's.
To use the external
Mixing into the face cream / lotion / cream moisturizer / or apply directly to the skin.
If you continue to apply to the skin, leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse well.
To get a white skin and smooth uneven, use a flat brush up 2-3 amp you want to lighten the skin, eg, elbows, armpits, dark circles under the eyes and more.
How to store:
- Avoid to keep in hot temperature area.
- Keep in a temperature of below 25 degree.
- Keep away from children.


Vitamin C Injection Ampules 10 x 5ml